For convenience sake...and to preserve our anonymity, in this blog I will refer to my wonderful Wife as in my Queen...and where needed, i will refer to myself as in Her i am sworn to serve Her every need and command. And it is by Her strict guidance that i am able to attempt to please my Queen! i hope i am not repeating someone else's moniker for each other...since no idea is 100% original...if i have please be assured it was by accident...

Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm Meeting Him Tonight

Not "him" him! Not my extremely handsome and well endowed black lover, Dominick. Sorry to say, things didn't quite work out for us. We had two different, incredibly hot dates in his bed! But as fate would have it, Dominick met a woman that has turned out to be someone quite special to him. And not married! I'm really happy for him, don't get me wrong. I was just looking forward to a few more rides from that beautiful cock of his. And unlike the prevailing cuckold themed sites that tend to cater to an interracial fetish, that's really not what attracted me to him. It truly didn't have anything to do with the "Big Black Stud on the Hot and  Frustrated Horny Blonde with the Little Dicked White Husband" scenario! But I must admit, his cock size aside, there is something distinctly different in the way a black man fucks. I'm only speaking from my experience which is quite limited! But there's something in the way they moved on top and behind. A little different sort of thrusting motion you know?

Anyway! Whooooa! Is it hot in here to you? Like I was saying, I'm meeting another him tonight. Paul. You regular readers may remember him from a few months back. He's my hot blooded Latin lover from Spain, who happens to have very nice and capable cock between his legs as well. Not nearly as large as Dominick's. And that's a good thing! Cause Paul is a big fan of anal sex. Giving not getting! And this girl hasn't had any anal action in a while. (Except for with k! And that's me doing the giving there!) I plan on going for something else tonight as well. I'm going to use my charms,

to convince Paul into letting k watch me suck his dick in the very near future. I mean like as soon as practical! I finally think k is long over due for a cuckolded man's fantasy to come true! But I'm just gonna start him out by watching me blow Paul. And I want to be able to throw in a little humiliation and dominance, as well as put on a good, hot, slutty performance for my cuckolded hubby's benefit! Paul already knows about my marriage and k's submission. Being a macho, Latin guy, he thinks it's hilarious and shameful that any man would let his wife treat him in a dominant fashion. Much less let her romp around in another man's bed! And with that type of male superior attitude, Paul will be the perfect man to parade my submissive husband in front of! Just imagine the interaction between those two! And me there, with one loving, submissive man who worships me. And another who fucks me like he may never see me again! Whoooooa it's really getting hot in here now! lol!!!

And don't go feeling bad for k guys! I took his chastity cage off last week before we went out of town  to do some house hunting. (we're buying a summer home in the mountains, to get away from the incredible heat during the summer months where we live) Though our son was with us at the hotels, I had plenty of chances to make wonderful, satisfying love to my husband, quietly under the covers after our little guy went to sleep! k got plenty of pussy, a couple of long slow blowjobs, and I even managed to march him into the bathroom to piss on him in the tub! That is after I "made" him jerk off onto the toilet bowl rim while I worked two fingers in and out of his cute little butt!!! You should have seen k licking his cum off of the toilet, and the bathroom floor! And then getting a face and mouthful of my pee! Yeah guys, don't feel too-too sorry for my poor husband! I always make sure he has his fun!



Monday, March 5, 2012


Last August...Q and i made a that proved to not be very practical...we decided to consolidate our postings from our two blogs...down to just one...We thought by streamlining the two...and by making the postings shorter...and not so long winded...that we...or i...would be more inclined to make more postings...see...the postings here...on "i'm Her husband"....were getting fewer...and farther apart...So the idea was to begin posting all of our fantasy caption segments...and our own personal...and intimate moments...all on one blog...and we chose to do this on our Blogsite  "iHonorHer",which you can visit by clicking ( HERE)...So...between August 4th...and December 19th...there was no posting here on "i'm Her husband"....All posts...fantasy and reality...were available at our other site...This only caused confusion for some...because they only visit this site...and for others...mainly interested in quick...fantasy captions accompanied by hot images...judging from some of their comments...were a little put off by the interruption of the fantasy world posts about feelings and love...and what it is to be a submissive to one's mate in the real world!....And quite frankly...the shorter versions of our personal adventures just seemed sort of mid-December...we reverted back to utilizing both blogs...and we resumed posting on a somewhat regular basis on this site again...But it did leave a gap of information here on this site...a gap in the time-line...that might leave some readers of this blog...especially our newest readers...a little confused about how we got from point point D...without any explanation...So i came up with the idea to import all the posting that truly belonged over here....from over there!....To fill in the gaps....But...Q suggested...that maybe it would be easier...and less just post the links to those stories...and arrange them in chronological as to bring those readers who only visit this site up to speed...after all...we may have more viewing hits at "iHonorHer"....but we have more registered followers here at "i'm Her husband"....

So here are some of the missing pieces to the little puzzle of our sex lives...we invite you to click the titles in yellow, and enjoy each entry...there is a lot to read...and quite a lot of hot...Femdom images to illustrate our postings...and while you're over there...feel free to browse around a while if you never have...We hope you enjoy yourselves....


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