For convenience sake...and to preserve our anonymity, in this blog I will refer to my wonderful Wife as in my Queen...and where needed, i will refer to myself as in Her i am sworn to serve Her every need and command. And it is by Her strict guidance that i am able to attempt to please my Queen! i hope i am not repeating someone else's moniker for each other...since no idea is 100% original...if i have please be assured it was by accident...

Monday, December 26, 2011

One More Present

After some extensive teasing early last night, I "wrapped" one last package up, stuck a red bow on it, and then rode k's face twice before some much needed sleep! T'was a not so silent night!


Monday, December 19, 2011


Last night...Q had me kneel naked by the side of the bed...i watched in awe as my gloriously naked Wife slipped Her feet into some ultra-sexy "come fuck Me" heels...She lit a cigarette and stood above me... flaunting Her power and beauty...She began parading around our and if finding things that needed Her attention at that moment...She leaned up close to the dressing mirror to check Her makeup,(She had put on more makeup at that time of night!...i knew She was wanting some fun!)...With Her cigarette clenched between Her teeth...Q donned Her pearl necklace and earrings...then turned with hands on hips to look down on me if for my approval...She had to have seen my hardon!...It felt huge!...She looked both elegant and slutty!...She moved to the bed and crawled on hands and a lioness...until She was even with where i knelt...and then turned Her beautiful ass towards my face...i had the perfect view of Her sexy bottom...and the smooth, bare lips of Her pussy and asshole!...

Q ordered me to begin licking the soles of Her shoes...then to suck both heels..."Pretend they're a cock you want up your ass!...Make love to them with your little slave mouth!" She mocked....After some time...She ordered me up on the bed...on my hands and knees behind Her...Q's back was arched...Her ass up high and inviting...God how i wanted to fuck Her in that position!...It's been so long since i've had Her like that!...Q ordered me to lick Her asshole...from the position we were both reach Her ass with my hips had to be pressed against those sharp weight bore down as i stretched to get my face between those soft ass cheeks...causing my erection to be pinned painfully between my body and one of those cruel heels!...i love the smell of my Wife...and i breathed Her in as i feasted on Her backdoor!...She made little moaning, "yummy" sounds as worked my tongue in and out and around Her asshole...Q wiggled Her feet ever so slightly from time to time...causing me to moan from the sweet pain of those shoes...though it hurt like penis remained as hard as iron....and i continued to love my Queen's ass as if i were starving!

In time...Q ordered me up...and rolled onto Her back...Her nipples were hard and erect...a slight sheen of moisture glowed on Her skin in the lamp's light...the pearls stood out...white and pure against Q's tan...She extended one leg...toe pointed...and told me to remove Her shoe...while the other toyed with my erection...leaking, and dripping with my need!...i removed Her shoe and bent to kiss Her foot...She used the ball of Her sexy foot to push my face back..."Just do as your told, and remove My other shoe slave-boy!" She barked!....i did as commanded...Her bare toe teased my wet cock-head...Q had me reach for the lube in the nightstand drawer...and slowly, maddeningly worked some onto my throbbing member!...Then, after rubbing the excess from Her hands onto the arches of those bare feet...She rolled back over and arched that sexy butt up in the air again!....placing those slippery, bare feet together...Q told me to slide my "pee-pee" between Her two feet...and lean in to begin worshiping Her pussy...puffy and inviting just below Her ass...i buried my face between those cheeks nose pressed directly against to opening to Her tongue snaking between Her outer lips...i reached to spread Her cheeks for more access...."No hands slave! Work for it!" i rested my weight on my arms...eating Her drenched greased hardon gripped between Her feet...i involuntarily began pumping against felt incredible...and when She didn't object...i began to really stroke myself between them!..."While your fucking My feet...imagine i've let you mount Me like you use to!...Imagine yourself on top of Me...fucking My brains out the way I let My boyfriends do!...Fuck Me baby!....Ooooooh fuck Me!....Fuck Me harder!...HARDER!!!" God i pounded away at Her feet like a porn star....fucking Her pussy with my tongue...sucking and nibbling on Her clit till She began to scream in ecstasy....i began cumming all too soon...but i just couldn't stop myself....i humped Q's feet...all the while wishing i was fucking Her doggy-style!....i felt all that hot cum mixing with the lube...making a sticky...slippery mess!....Q was cumming as well...cumming hard!....She fell away...face down onto the bed...releasing my spent member from the grip between Her now messy feet...


And i fell forward too...resting my head on Her naked our shaking stopped, and our breathing returned to normal...Q had me raise up on my elbows so that She could roll over...Her hair was a wanton mess...Her mascara had spread under Her eyes from Her sweat...making Her look even sluttier...ravished!...i lit an after sex cigarette for Her...and watched as She sucked on the filter in contented pleasure...She took the ashtray from me, and motioned towards Her feet...where i turned on my knees and bent to lick the huge amount of cum from both Her feet and the upturned backside was facing Her...and She amused Herself by gently running Her long nails up and down the insides of my thighs...and across my scrotum and ass cheeks....a little later, Q sucked me hard again...then climbed on top of me...we made love like this until we both were satisfied...and i once again, needed to clean Her freshly fucked pussy of another load of my cum...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Some Time For Us...(And Them!)

Sorry i haven't written in a while!...Life has been very busy for Q and i lately...Between jobs...and family...and all the other crazy things life can throw at you...all i've really had time to do (as far as blogs go) is to post some images and captions on our other blog!...And i haven't forgotten about letting everyone know what Q discussed with me so many weeks ago!...Q is insisting on posting that Herself...due to the fact that most of the things She outlined to me are already taking place...i hope we can bring everyone up to speed soon! reward ourselves with a little leisure time...the grandparents are keeping our son for the weekend...and Q has booked us for three days and three nights into a  very exclusive, very private, adult, clothing optional, Resort/Bed and Breakfast right on the beach!...It seems Her girlfriend "Jill"...(more about Her in future posts!) told Her about this place and spoke to the owners on Q's behalf...lots of sexy invitation/referral only...go there to relax...and be free to enjoy themselves and others however they choose...And Q thought it would be fun and adventurous to go and get a little "public" thrill of our own!...To sort of indulge our exhibitionist/voyeur fantasies for a long, hot weekend!...(you just gotta love my Wife for all Her naughty ideas!)

 Q has a little something of a history of being turned on by having sex in semi-public settings...or in situations where there was a danger of quite literally getting caught with our pants down!....And a highly erotic setting such as this couples resort will certainly feed Her lust to watch and to be watched!....She hasn't discussed any plans or thoughts on the subject of sex with other couples though...i get the feeling that any activity regarding that will be strictly for Her to indulge in...and maybe i will be the passive partner in all this...It only makes sense...when you consider how She cuckolds me with other men (and now Women as well) that perhaps i will be on the voyeuristic end of this escapade....

Considering that She has packed for the both of far as swimwear goes...Q has tucked away  only a tiny white thong and a matching sheer, white sarong for Herself....this to go along with the fresh Brazilian wax job She had done at the day spa today!...She packed absolutely nothing in the way of swimwear for me!....Seems i will be naked on the beach or at the pool even if She chooses not to be...and along with the regular travel items...dinner and evening wear...Q has packed along a couple of Her favorite vibrators...some sexy lingerie and heels...Her wooden leather wrist and ankle restraints...Her strapon cock and some lube!....Oh....and a dozen or so wooden clothespins tucked away in a little pocket of the suitcase!...i did not see the CB-6000 in there thank God!....And another thing She did not pack was a laptop...No computers this trip!!! Q's orders!!!....

Now i am a little uneasy about just how public Q wants to be with dominating me on this trip!....Even though we don't know any of the people there on a personal basis....She's never even spanked me in front of  another person yet...except for that time in the park...and he just happened to drive by....But She has mentioned that one day soon, Jill would "love to see Her tear my little backside up!"....i'm not sure how appropriate some D/s activity might be there this weekend...i would imagine the other guests are mainly there for some "swinging" action....but given the nature of the place we will be staying...there just might be a person or two who would get a kick out of watching a beautiful blonde Goddess torment, tease, and humiliate Her man for Her pleasure....and the entertainment of others....This may even culminate in the very first time i am required to taste another man's cum from somewhere on my Wife's body!....Or She may just get all turned on from watching all the hot action going on around us and want to have Her way with me back in our room!....She is choosing to say very little on any of Her thoughts and plans for this weekend at this point!....i know She is enjoying my apprehension!
                                       (Q-twin....and a k-twin!) There's a first!

No matter what happens...Q will get Her way...and i will willingly contribute in any way i can to Her pleasure and contentment....and despite any level of discomfort, (or downright pain) on my part...She always makes sure that in the end...we are both happy and satisfied....though the definition of Her satisfaction...and my satisfaction....can be very similar...or very different....But i do know this will be great fun in the long run....We deserve some time for ourselves...and some time for them!...Whoever they may be!

Friday, June 10, 2011

We Need To Talk


Actually She said, "I need to discuss a few things with you some time this weekend."...This means that at some point...Q will sit down, ( usually fully clothed) and i will be seated, or kneeling naked at Her feet...Because when Q says that She needs to discuss's different than "we" need to discuss something...and me being naked at Her feet only serves to underscore the fact that i'm to do the listening while She does the talking!....

And these type of discussions generally are about new rules...or some things She wants to change...something or someone new She wants to try....or maybe pushing my limits a little further....some  higher expectations She may have developed for me to live up to....I can make a pretty good guess on at least one topic that She will address...there have been several new things of a sexual nature that we have tentatively talked about over the past several weeks, that i know Q has been considering...and i imagine She has come to a few conclusions on these matters....

One thing to note...when these type of discussions are is a tradition we have...that to show my voluntary compliance with any and all new changes or developments...i choose a form of discipline, an appropriate implement, a suggestion on what position i should assume....then offer myself, surrender to suffer at my Wife's hands in a symbolic gesture of my willingness to bend and adapt to any new parameters She has set in place...and i never try to choose a way to get off lightly...(it wouldn't matter even if i did, Q always takes the matter of discipline very seriously...even in "play time"), i always choose an implement that i know will be very painful for me, and satisfying to Her...and then offer it to Her on my knees in a very humble, and worshipful manner...while at the same time...formally offering my body to use,  to do with as She pleases at that very prove my devotion to Her...and my respect for Her decisions and Her judgment....and i must say...Q takes full advantage of my surrendered a way to cement my submission...and to satisfy Her dominant lusts as well!

If nothing changes between now and Sunday...i will have been locked in the CB-6000s for two weeks...i already go into this weekend feeling horny and controlled...and i am quite anxious about what Q may have in store for us...I love Her...and i love being Her submissive...Her slave...Her plaything....i quite often beg to serve all Her needs....but i must say....waiting for what comes next...not knowing what will be expected of me from now on...or what devious ideas Q has in mind for our play time....or perhaps it will all be about Her and Her see....until She makes it my's none of my business...and the not knowing is something this sub still struggles with....And i'm quite sure She gets a thrill from that little bit of unease on my part as well!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Shared Feelings and Realities About Cuckolding

i was reading a post from the blog, - Serving My Mistress  -...where little bitch shared a response from his Wife/Mistress, to a negative comment left on his blog concerning cuckolding...i was astounded at how eloquently She replied to the criticism...and how beautifully She shared Her feelings about the act of cuckolding Her husband, as well as being the Dominant partner in a marriage...She didn't deal with the masturbatory fantasy of fucking other men besides Her husband...rather, the reality of the cuckolding dynamic within their marriage...i shared this article with Q...and She was delighted to read something from another Dominant Wife, that so aptly describes Her thoughts and feelings on this subject matter as well!

We thought it would be beneficial to share this Domme's point of view as that it so closely reflects Q's stance on the subject, and our own reality within a Wife-Led Marriage...And the great blog spot it was posted well worth perusing as please follow this link - Serving my Mistress: Cuckolding: A Domme's Perspective  - read their post and enjoy the site...And thank you little bitch for sharing!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Loving And Intensely Hot....Epic Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon : 


...skinny-dipping, sunning, a Goldenshower (our first!), back into the pool...fondling, playing, fucking....quickly running, upstairs to our on skin...laughing, hugging, kneeling, serving...white wine, cigarettes, toe sucking, foot licking, ass kissing, exploring...hands and lips and tongues...Her neck, Her breasts, Her tanned tummy, Her golden torso, my balls, my asshole...teasing and licking and kissing...touching and penetrating...holding each other...rolling...making love...breathing...

Teeth and fingers, biting, pinching, twisting, pulling, slapping, squeezing, moist and swelling...tasting, drinking, scratching, spanking...paddle, strap, and cane...ass worship, pussy worship, facesitting, dick sucking....gasping, moaning, whining and whimpering, cumming and cumming, shaking, riding, fucking...wet, sweat, juices and fluids, lick and suck...share and swallow...

a dildo, a vibrator, more screaming and moaning...begging and commands...cries of pain and joy...of frustration and release....aching and straining....thrusting and and receiving...serving and pleasing and cumming again....another naked swim, a shower....a romantic dinner....prepared by me...and served to Q out on our patio...

Sunday Evening :


 Locked back into my chastity cage...compelled to give Q a slow, loving, sensual massage...ending with a deep, quiet orgasm for Her by my fingers...we held each in the dark...whispering our breath onto each others skin...What an epic and loving afternoon....and a quiet, serene evening....

Sunday, May 29, 2011



A few minutes ago...i took an iced coffee out to my Wife...Q is sunning Herself by the pool this morning and "asked" me to run to Starbuck's for Her...Thanking me for the coffee...She held a cigarette between Her fingers in expectation of a i did so....i gazed down at my beautiful, sun worshiping Wife...all blonde and tanned brown...bare breasted...a sheen of sweat coating Her skin...Her tiny bright yellow bikini bottoms seemed to glow in the sun...She smiled up at me through Her sunglasses..."Pull down your shorts babe!" She i obediently unbuttoned them...Q produced the key to the little lock on the CB-6000s...with Her cigarette clenched between Her white teeth...Q deftly unlocked...and removed the plastic cage from my penis...even in the hot sun it felt as if a rush of cool air hit my exposed automatically began to swell as i stood there with my shorts bunched at my knees....

"I just wanted to have a little fun with you yesterday babe...I wanted to torment you watch you squirm....I thought it would be fun  to make you jump through a few hoops!....And it was!"....Q absently gave my erection several long, soft, slow strokes before giving my balls a little squeeze and saying..."Now put that thing away...and go make sure all your chores are done...I may feel like playing with you later this afternoon!"....You can soon as i post this...i'll be making sure that everything in this house is exactly to Her liking!....Because we haven't "played" seriously in a while...and i do so wish to please Her!

Friday, May 27, 2011

She Stood Over me...So Gorgeous and Powerful


Less than 45 minutes ago...i found myself looking up at my Wife from my position on the floor at Her feet....She stood over gorgeous and powerful...all tan and naked except for a pair of leopard spotted panties...She made quite a show of smoking Her cigarette...the one i lit for Her immediately after She  had  once again...clicked the lock shut on on my CB-6000s chastity cage...then ordered me to my knees at Her feet...i know She must have registered my disappointment at being locked away so soon after being released from a five week stretch inside the plastic cage...but if so...Q didn't let on....She just stood above me...smirking and smoking in a combination of elegance, and slutty attitude that She had to know would certainly tweak my smoking fetish.... i gazed up past Her thighs...and over Her exquisite tummy and breasts to watch Her smoking...Q layed out quite sternly what She expected of...and from me this long holiday weekend...Yes we have a cleaning lady who comes once a week...and a lawn service as well...but there are still certain household chores and responsibilities that like any other married couple, we divide between us...but for no other reason than because She can...Q has decided to delegate the lion's share of these to me this weekend...and as She stood above naked and authoritatively sexy and serious...i couldn't help but feel my penis begin to stir within it's cage as She made very clear what would happen if i shirked in any of my assigned tasks...and just to make sure i was convinced of Her seriousness in these matters...Q had me bend over Her make-up chair for 10 strokes from Her cane!....These She administered only after She had removed Her panties and stuffed them in my mouth...(for humiliation purposes as well as to muffle any cries or yelps that may result from the beating!) And these were full holding back swings Q took at my ass to get Her point across!

After the 10th stroke fell and literally lifted me up onto my toes...Q said i could stand...only to change Her mind and have me bend over seems Q had read a post by Robert on his blog - Robert_Anthony's Femdom & Chastity Blog ....where She was inspired to comment there, that an episode from our past...that his post reminded Her of...might be of interest, and She wanted to "suggest" to me that i blog about it and share it with Robert and all the other readers....So Q thought that 3 more strikes from the cane should be sufficient motivation for "Her lazy little man" to begin writing...and with that...Q delivered 3 more, no nonsense blows...all of which landed on the backs of my upper thighs....and trust me...these did cause me to cry out through Her panties...not to mention the little involuntary dance that i was doing after each blow!    

So....after a quick inspection of Her handiwork...Q allowed me to stand once again...removed Her soaked panties from my mouth...then kissed and hugged me...She had me go downstairs to pour Her a glass of wine...then upon my return said..."Feel free to go play on your blog site honey...I'll call you when i want you!"....So here i penis locked away again....sitting on a sore bottom...anticipating a long weekend of chores around the house...and viewing erotic images and stories on various blog sites while the CB-6000s prevents me from attaining an erection....Believe it or not...i'm as happy as i can be at this moment...and i have both ears open...listening and waiting for Q to call me....i'm so ready to please Her...eager is more like it!....Funny how a good discipline session and a plastic cage around one's penis can really make a submissive double his efforts for his Mistress!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

i Willingly Must Submit Without Question


Well, i managed to get the garage cleaned and straightened today the way Q had insisted it be done...i took off work early this afternoon and got busy on it....When dinner time rolled around...Q graciously ordered pizzas for us...saving me from having to wash up and prepare a meal for the three of us...i had intentions of just grabbing a slice or two to take outside and finish up my chore...but Q insisted (and rightly so...) that we sit down and eat as family the way we always do...."Just because you neglected your responsibility does not mean our son and I have to go without your presence at the dinner table!"....there was only about another hours worth of work after we finished eating...then the work was finally done...and i proudly headed upstairs to shower...

i had taken off my clothes and was about to turn the water on when Q came into the bathroom and shut the one hand She had one of our large butt-plugs...and in the other She had the anal lube....waving the plug in the air Q ordered me over to my sink, and told me to bend over...Now Q has been dominating me for almost two and a half years...and i have to tell's still very humiliating to be ordered to bend over in front of my fully clothed that She can stick something up my ass!...It's no where near the same as a sexually charged session in the bedroom with the strapon...or an erotic evening with any of Her other assorted dildos...this is a complete compliance and acceptance that She can do anything to me She wants...anytime She wants...and i willingly must submit to Her without question....what more proof of what my role and position really is in this marriage do i need...

"Spread those cheeks for Me...spread them wide!" She ordered....i reached behind me and did as She face burned in shame as i spread my ass just as wide as i afford Her an unobstructed access to my asshole, and to hopefully ease the passage of that wide instrument....i could see Q in the batroom mirror as She squeezed out the lube directly onto the plug...and then without even sliding any of Her fingers inside me first...Q began to work that plastic plug into my anus...pushing in, and pulling out again...using a twisting Wife pumped and worked the plug deeper, and deeper inside me...i felt my sphincter stretching...aching with the invasion of the widest part of the plug...then snapping closed around it as the bulk of it suddenly broke through past the outer ring...securing it's width inside me as my anus gripped and contracted in spasms around the thinner area behind plug itself....

After a moment of adjustment, Q allowed me to straighten up, then began to softly stroke my penis...She whispered lustily in my ear, "Don't play with your pee-pee while you wash it....I'm in the mood to suck a dick tonight! And this one will have to do!"...despite the plug up my penis thickened to half mast at the thought of one of Q's blowjobs!...i hurried through my shower in anticipation....the butt-plug was really beginning to get uncomfortable...Q made me keep it in a good half hour after i got out of the then that feeling of really needing to "go" was killing me...usually Q has me to remove the plugs myself, having asserted Her power by inserting them...but tonight She insisted on removing it Herself...once again...that delicious humiliation had me just wanting to shrink away and i bent over for my Wife to ease that fat plug out of my aching ass...i was so concerned about that feeling of needing to "go" as well...but Q just took some toilet paper and cleaned the lube from around my ass, while i once again spread my cheeks for Her...then to be thorough...She took a warm rag and gently finished cleaning my bottom to Her felt wonderful, and humbling at the same have my Wife wiping me as if i were a little child...bent over....naked in the for Her inspection....

While standing there naked in front of Her while She was still dressed....and quite literally embarrassed by the whole experience...Q explained to me why She got so forceful yesterday....spanking me twice...and insisted that the garage be cleaned today....i had hurt Her feelings because She had made big plans for us this weekend...even so far as to get granma to keep our son overnight..."Don't you remember what I wrote to you on your post in your blog?....(see Q's comment to my posting at - iHonorHer : She's Getting Ready....Are You? ) and then it did dawn on me....i did ungrateful of me...Q had left me a message...a comment on a blog posting for the whole world to read...and She had made the effort to make sure we had a full day together to "play" and love each other as long and as loud as we wanted....i felt so bad and ashamed...She said that She thought the butt-plug might jar my memory...but i guess the thrill of an impending blowjob took my focus elsewhere....Q forgave me with a hug and a few kisses...and assured me that after our son was asleep...She was going to satisfy Her craving for giving oral sex tonight...and my enjoyment and pleasure would just be secondary as far as She was concerned...and  i would be enjoying Her talents only because it was what She really wanted to do tonight!....She also eased my fears...that i might have blown the opportunity we had for this weekend....She reassured me that we had a special, romantic "date" coming up...that we had all day to enjoy each others company and love one another in our own way!....That is....the way that She chooses!...Which means, i will be lucky enough to have a night...and a full day to honor, worship....serve and submit to my wonderful and sexy Wife.....Not to mention Her thick, black...ten inch cock!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Oh No Mister...Not Good Enough!"

No sooner had we finished dinner this evening, than our son's little friend from across the street came over and asked if our boy could come over and play...This being a school night, we agreed and said he could...but he had to come home as soon as we called him....The boys ran out the front door...and it had barely shut when Q turned to me and said...."Now about you little man...upstairs...NOW!"...from the tone in Her voice, i didn't need to be told twice....

Once upstairs, Q directed me to pull out the chair from Her make-up vanity and place it in the middle of our was clear that my Wife was going to use the brief opportunity of our son being outside playing to administer some of Her special guidance...."Pull those pants down around your ankles and bring Me My hairbrush!"....With my pants and underwear tangled around my feet...i shuffled across the room and back with the wooden hairbrush....i stood there before Her...Q in Her shorts and a long penis jutting out with a partial erection from the thrill, and the fear of whats to come....Q didn't seem to notice....She looked up at me from Her chair and began to address a couple of issues that She felt needed Her attention!....Mainly the condition i've allowed our garage to get in...She isn't the least bit happy that after parking Her car...She has to squeeze by "my things" just to get into Her house!....She says this has gone on long enough...She has waited for me to take the initiative and clean the garage without being told....but now She's tired of waiting!

Q ordered me over Her lap...."Make it fast!" She instructed....She didn't want to chance our son coming home and hearing, "...what Mommy's doing to daddy!"....Q spanked my bare bottom fast and furious....the brush connecting with my flesh sounded like a machine gun firing!.....There was no counting how many blows rained down on me...and i know Q wasn't aiming for any certain number...She was aiming to make a point....this was a combination of punishment and insurance that i would comply with Her will....i couldn't kick my legs very well due to the fact that my pants had them slightly restrained....but i was squirming and begging for Her to stop by the time She relented and allowed me to get up....

As i rubbed my burning butt cheeks...i assured Her that this weekend i would take care of the garage, just as She wished...."Oh no mister....not good enough!"....Q grabbed my flaccid penis quite roughly....Her manicured thumbnail painfully digging into the skin just behind it's head....She firmly squeezed and yanked me by my dick....back over Her lap for another short, but vicious round of painful smacks to my already punished backside...."you will address your My garage....tomorrow afternoon! And you will have it done before going to bed tomorrow night!....Do I make Myself clear?".....and by the time Q was finished spanking me....indeed She had!

i'm writing this now as i tenderly sit in the bed next to Her....i'm on the lap top....and She has the remote watching TV....and just like in the above photo...ever since my spanking....Q has had the same, self confident....self satisfied....proud of Herself look on Her face that She always gets after really putting me in my place!.....She has graciously allowed me to post on my blogs to "....all your little jerk-off buddies!" She puts it....but as usual....and to my great Her cigarettes and holding Her ashtray as She smokes...refreshing Her cocktail....even possibly cleaning Her pussy with my tongue after She pees....and any other service She may require from me comes first....i would count myself really lucky if She decides She's in the mood for some oral servicing....actually, as i feel the tingling of my sore bottom against the bedsheets...i already count myself very lucky...and when i post this....i will thank Her again for my spanking...and for all the many other things She does for me!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Here's What's Happening

As many of you bloggers know...we had been unable to access and post on our blogs due to some glich in the system...and now i'm having my own computer troubles on top of everything it may be a few days before i post just wanted to report...that before these woes came about...Q finally, after over five weeks...unlocked the CB-6000s and freed my penis from it's plastic cage....Two weeks had been the previous record for being locked away...this time Q chose to exercise Her ultimate control for a "little" longer! But now She was going to "Make Her little man, a happy camper" as She put it!!!

After having me lay on our bed Q straddled my thighs...Her pussy barely inches from my hyper sensitive erection...after some teasing...a lot of nipple pinching and twisting....and some pretty heavy pulling and squeezing on my balls....Q brought me to the brink of cumming twice before stopping long enough to leisurely smoke a cigarette while still sitting atop hardon bobbed in need and leaked a small lake of precum as She seemed not to notice my desperate state...which just made Her that much hotter in my eyes...After Q finished Her smoke...She returned to forcefully squeezing my balls in one hand...pulling and stretching my scrotum...rolling each testicle between Her thumb and palm...causing me to writhe in masochistic ecstasy....She leaned forward, mercilessly biting each nipple...She knows i love this pain...and though i moan and whimper in the penis stays rock hard and seems to beg for more!...But soon enough Q had mercy on me...and She slowly and lovingly stroked my entire length with a soft, twisting motion...until five weeks worth of pent up semen shot out between Her fingers and across my belly and chest...Q took the time to continue to stroke my penis as it began to shrink in Her cum slick hand...then fed my orgasm back to me...using Her fingers to scoop the many puddles off my torso and bringing them to Her slave's mouth to lick clean....

i write this now as Q is out...on Friday night...Friday the 13th...Her lover Nathan is getting very lucky about now...very lucky!...Because She has been in the mood to cuckold me again for a couple of weeks now....She told me Her getting a good, hard, long, proper fucking would do us both a world of good!...And i sit here imagining Her in the arms of Her lover...or maybe bent over....getting roughly taken from behind in whichever hole he or She is in the mood to use...i know the lucky bastard is getting some of the best head on the planet tonight as well!....And when She comes home late tonight...will She want to toy with me?...Or maybe just take a hot shower and fall blissfully asleep....or something in between...i don't know...but when She does return home...i will meet Her at the door...hug and kiss Her...get down on my knees and kiss Her feet and tell Her how glad i am She's home...and how much i love Her....and how i hope She had a good time....then ask if there is anything else i can do to make Her even happier and more content....because She is my Wife! And when She's happy...i'm very happy!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day my Queen....


 Dearest Q,

I want You to know how very blessed I feel that You are the Mother of our son...the sacrifices You make...the love and nurturing you bring to his life...the fun and laughter I see the two of you share...what precious makes me feel proud when i watch our son grow...and even prouder when I think of how wonderful it is to share this together...

And as my Wife...i cannot remember not ever loving You...You fill me completely...and though you are my is not lost on me, that there is a great deal of Mothering that You bring into our marriage! I don't know how it is in other marriages...but in a Wife-Led relationship such as ours...i know there are times that out of necessity, You have to treat me as if i'm a little boy....i know i act like one quite often...


And not just when You have to scold or punish me for being "naughty"....just as with our son....You nurture me...You love me with a depth and grace that only a Mother, and a Wife could....You even call me Your "little man" on occasions....and sometimes call Yourself "Momma" in context when interacting sexually, and in a Disciplinary mode with me....And in those quiet, intimate times...You hold me, and touch me as if i were as precious as a child...and this makes me feel so safe, so needed, so loved....And though a Female-Led relationship in theory, is based on the principle that the Woman is always the focus by Her man...Her needs, wants, comfort, and desires coming is quite obvious that many of the Dominant actions You take, are actually done by You with the intentions of bringing me guidance, security, and pleasure....(no matter how painful that may be sometimes!) You do, always make sure that Your man is well taken care of....physically, emotionally, and spiritually!

For this and so much more, the two "little men" in Your houshold are so very grateful to You...and always remember that You are loved beyond words by the both of us...though I will always say these words to You....I Love You Baby! And i hope i am able to make You feel  like a Queen, my Queen, everyday...Not just on Mother's Day!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Q-'s Picks: Last Post For A Week Or So it is...another chance for a view inside the mind of a Dominant looking at photos Q has found that show Her perspective on what's erotic...what She finds representative of Her Dominant nature...and what's relative to Her sexuality as a Woman free to explore any avenues She chooses...and as always...She wants Her contributions to stand on their captions or commentary....Q wants to let the viewer draw their own let Hers or his emotions react to the images uninfluenced by anything save the fact that this is a Dominant Woman's perspective...It is said men are visually oriented creatures...i think you will find that these submissions show quite a vision on Her's always a turn on for me when Q finally shares these with us...

As usual...Q has made the actual posting of Her picks an act of submission on my part...Q is parading around in nothing but a white thong and Her tan...and i am sitting at the computer with an 8"....ribbed dildo up my ass...the weight of me sitting on top of it keeping it inside me....She has promised to give me a "nice little fucking" with it after i'm finished posting 20 photos here, and 20 more on my other blog at this link -  iHonorHer...this particular dildo always leaves me a little raw from the ridges and ribs all over it!...But God it makes for an intense anal experience...with me still being locked inside my chastity cage...the full feeling in my ass...the highly erotic images Q has given me to post....and this hot, naked blonde mercilessly flaunting Her body in front of penis has painfully swelled as much as allowed by it's plastic prison...i think i should get on with the task at hand!

So here they are...Q' Picks...we are getting ready to leave on a short trip...a little mini vacation, so i won't be posting for a week or more...i hope Q's photos on both blogs hold everyone over till then....i thank you all for visiting my sites...i'll talk to you again when we return....See ya!