For convenience sake...and to preserve our anonymity, in this blog I will refer to my wonderful Wife as in my Queen...and where needed, i will refer to myself as in Her i am sworn to serve Her every need and command. And it is by Her strict guidance that i am able to attempt to please my Queen! i hope i am not repeating someone else's moniker for each other...since no idea is 100% original...if i have please be assured it was by accident...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

In About An Hour

In less than an hour, my mother will be here to pick up our son as she usually does every Sunday. This almost always signals the beginning of a day of unbridled femdom play for k and I. And I was almost tempted to cancel today's fun, in lieu of something k said in his latest post recounting his experience last week, with me returning home from a night out with my boyfriend Dominick. You see, even though I became extremely wet and horny from reading k's account of that early morning fun we had, k made the grave mistake of referring to my sweet little pussy, his Queen's vagina, the part of my body that holds such sway and fascination over him, he referred to that part of my body that he begs to worship as a "cunt"!

Now mind you, I am not a prude by any stretch of your imagination! And I have no problem with, in the heat of a passionate fuck, for name calling, nasty talking, sweaty-ass exclamations of perverted lingo being shouted out by either partner! Including calling me or my pussy a cunt! But for a submissive man, MY submissive man, My husband, to call MY pussy a "cunt", is not only disrespectful and inappropriate, but also unacceptable and I will not tolerate it!

So, I was going to cancel today's activities after some severe disciplinary action. But after a day to think about it, I wondered, why deprive myself of a day of fun and sexual pleasure as a means of punishing him? Really! Why? And on that note, I will still dress up (maybe even more threatening than usual) in my Dominatrix attire, and be a lot more creative with just how far I will take k's punishment! I am determined to see that he'll never make the same serious lack of respect towards me and my body again! And at the same time, being the horny little bitch that I am, I will savor every bit of pleasure I  receive from his discomfort today, as I force him to pay penance for his sins. And from all the delicious things that I will indulge myself in through out the course of the day!

Don't worry, one of us will let you know how our Sunday goes!



Friday, January 27, 2012


This took place last Friday and Saturday...January 20th and 21st
(i know...i took me a full week to finish writing and to post this!...Sorry!!!)


my bare ass was cold...sitting on the tile in our bathroom...sitting exactly where Q had ordered me to wait for Her....It was now about 1:30 in the Wife had been out with Dominick...Her newest lover....and first black boyfriend since we've been married...and She had returned home earlier than i had expected!....After meeting Her at the front Her a lingering hug and kiss...She had sent me heart was racing with excitement and penis was straining in vain...painfully struggling to harden to it's full length within the little CB6000s chastity cage!...i'd had images of my Wife beneath Dominick's dark, muscular body running through my mind all evening...sucking his large cock...spreading Her long legs wide for him...opening Herself....yielding...bent over...getting it doggy-style...pushing back to meet each thrust...sweating, and moaning....wallowing in ecstasy!...It's a submissive cuckold's paradox of fantasy and reality...titillation and torment...happy...and grateful for Her pleasure and enjoyment...yet jealous...feeling slightly inadequate at the same time!...So elated to see Her feel Her body against see that relaxed and rejuvenated look on Her face...the look of love for me in Her eyes...the knowing that now...She would be spending some time with me...knowing She had kept me in mind all evening...knowing this as i waited obediently...naked on our bathroom floor....

i heard the ice from Her nightcap tinkling in the glass as She padded barefoot into our bathroom...She had kicked off Her heels...and i was looking down on Her gorgeous feet...Her toe nails, painted a hot, neon pink...were peeking out from beneath the flare of Her pant legs...i looked up at my Wife...towering above my position on the floor...She smiled and took a seductive...Lauren Bacall like drag from Her cigarette..."Did you miss Me baby?"
"Oh yes!...Very much my Queen..." i remember stammering out!...
"Then show Me!" She said rather forcefully...
Q pointed a bare toe at my lips...then set Her foot down flat on the floor in front of me...i got up on hands and knees to kiss Her painted toes...kissing each one on that foot over and over...all the while proclaiming my love for i missed Her i hoped She'd had a good time with Her lover...thanking Her for allowing me to kiss Her beautiful toes... 

 "Look at Me baby." She said i did Q took another sexy pull off Her smoke...sipped Her drink and said, "Is there something My little man wants?...Something maybe....he's been thinking about all night?"....Her voice was innocent and sweet...but Her eyes were full of mischief and cunning!...She was toying with me...She had been out all night getting Her world rocked...and now She was standing above Her naked husband...playing me like a pro...knowing every button to push...and me...helpless but to kneel there and take it..."Maybe my little man would like to beg his Mistress for what he wants!" She taunted...Q pulled Her foot back...and replaced it with the other...i needed no instruction...i bent to kiss, and suck those toes as well...begging, pleading...humbling and humiliating myself....expressing my need to taste Her pussy...begging to taste my Wife's freshly fucked pussy...Telling me that wasn't good enough...i had to plead more...i was told to be more specific...i had to beg to taste Her sweet pussy...begging to taste what i hadn't been inside of in close to a month...begging to lick a pussy that had just been fucked by another...fucked by a well hung black man..."Please allow me to taste what  my Wife's pussy tastes like after being fucked so well!...After being fucked by a big, black cock! Please my Queen?"...This made me feel relegated to where i actually was...this put me in my place...i was...i am...a man willing to beg his Wife for just a taste of something that She freely gives to others...That early morning...Q had driven me so deep into sub-space...simply by using Her bare feet...and my own humiliation....

Q set Her drink on the vanity...and with a little laugh, and Her cigarette held between Her teeth...She turned Her backside to me...unbuttoned Her skin-tight jeans...and worked them down over the curve of Her me a little show of wiggling Her hips to help slide them down....Q bent over...arched that fine ass out in my direction...and said, "Here ya go baby...hope it's everything you dreamed it would be!"....And She was laughing...laughing as i positioned myself to feast on Her pussy from behind...laughing...i the fact that She could make Her husband...grovel at Her feet...and beg to taste his own Wife's pussy...begging even with the knowledge that a cock larger than his, had just been inside it...
i could feel heat...incredible heat, radiating out from between those legs as my face neared Her soft, tanned buttocks...Q's pussy looked a little swollen...but there was no wet or sticky gallons of cum running down Her legs or staining Her fact there were no panties!...She had on a pair when She left!...That son of a bitch kept my Wife's panties!...I felt immediate outrage! (Funny how i can readily accept that my Wife had just been in another man's bed. But the fact that he had kept a pair of my Wife's panties sent waves of jealousy and powerlessness rushing through me! All in the span of seconds, i remember thinking how unfair it is, that he would be able to enjoy something of "mine", over and over in the privacy of his own home! I couldn't help but envision him, putting Q's panties to his nose, anytime he wanted! Smelling the evidence of Her need for him, left behind in the fabric of those sexy little underthings! Being able to rekindle in his mind, Her arousal, Her response to his touch, his conquest! Jerking-off again and again to my Wife's heated scent!) Like I said...this all flashed through my mind in the blink of an eye...and my nose and lips were already touching Her there...distracting my thoughts of him....The smooth cheeks of Her ass...pressed against my eyes and forehead...Her heat was intense!...Her scent strong...humid and wet...kind of musty and sour...but in a rather pleasant and arousing way(if that makes any sense)...I know Q is not the type, to not clean and freshen Herself a little before dressing after like i said...there was no river of semen spilling out for me to have to "cleanup"....But there was no mistaking the odor of sex...very recent sex!...And my penis was still causing me quite a bit of discomfort...what with it desperately trying to defy the confines of it's plastic cage! tongue sought inside the puffy folds of Q's hairless vagina...i tentatively licked from clit to to back...tasting Her hot was awkward from my position on my knees...and Q's legs being held so closely together by the confine of Her jeans around Her thighs...caused me to have to really work to get in there....but i continued...gently probing a little deeper with my tongue..."Stop fucking around and get on with it!" She barked..."And stay away from My clit!'re not down there to get Me're down there to get yourself a taste of black dick!...That's what you really want isn't it? want a taste of black cock from inside My pussy!" face burned with shame and embarrassment...The way She was talking to me...sweet one minute...hard and Bitchy the next!...Q was now ordering do what i had been "made" to beg for!...and i dove in to eating Q's pussy like i would starve to death if i didn't....Her taste was tangy...Womanly and salty...i have never felt so much heat coming from Q's pussy!..."He must have fucked Her like an animal" i remember thinking!...Or else Her after-glow...really was glowing hot!...i was moaning into Her wetness as if i were the one getting oral sex...i stopped licking and opened my mouth try and take Her entire cunt into my mouth...i had my lips...totally surrounding hers!...i was trying to suck every bit of fresh fucked essence from deep inside Her...."Whoa boy whoa!" She said as She straightened up...."That's enough got what you wanted!"

Q kind of hobbled and hopped around on one leg as She pulled Her jeans off the rest of the way....i watched Her naked ass sway as She walked over to the toilet...removing Her shirt and bra as She went...Q sat with legs spread...straddling the open seat...and She pointed Her finger at Her whiskey glass...then used the same finger to motion me to crawl and bring it to Her....i watched as She grinned like a little devil...took a sip...then pointed down between Her i looked...a strong, hard stream of piss poured into the bowl...splashing droplets of golden liquid onto Her pussy lips and inside Her extreme upper thighs!...

Q finished pissing and stood to flush...placing one foot up on the toilet seat as She did so...With hands on hips...Q looked down on me again..."See something else you'd like to do while I've got you down there?"...."Yes my Queen...may i please dry the drops of pee from You with my tongue?" i asked..Of course She said yes...and i started with the insides of Her thighs...and then finished by licking all the pee from Her shaved pussy lips...

Q waved Her empty glass for me to go fix Her another....and when i returned with Her Scotch...She already had the shower running...She had all seven shower heads on...set to a gentle and relaxing "rain" setting...and was standing underneath the steaming jets of water...Q likes Her showers much hotter than i do...but i dutifully walked into the shower room and handed Her the drink She requested...Q took a long sip and set it down on the tile/rock bench as i slipped on the shower mitt, and lathered it up with Her favorite vanilla-coconut body wash....i slowly, and luxuriously soaped Her from Her shoulders down...taking the opportunity to fondle and knead Her firm breasts...down Her tummy and between Her legs i moved the soapy mitt...down Her back and around the globes and inside the crack of Her fantastic ass...i worked...and then back down on my knees to wash Her legs and feet...taking another greedy turn at gently washing Her pussy again!....Q shampooed Her hair while i soaped myself down...despite the pain and pinching the CB6000s was causing me due to my penis trying to get hard! balls were beginning to ache with pent-up need!....i stepped back into the torrents of hot water and we rinsed each other off...running our hands over each others bodies...i wrapped my arms around my Wife and pulled Her close...Her boobs pressed against my chest as we kissed long and deep beneath the water...Q reached down and tugged on the plastic encasing my penis...simulating a soapy hand-job..."I bet he'd like to come out and play huh!?!"....She mouthed against my lips....i moaned...(more like whined) back as She kissed me again...She slipped out of my arms and simply stated, "Too bad." She strolled out of the shower and back into the the bathroom....

To say i was disappointed to have to sleep next to Her again...still locked away with a bad case of an understatement...but i shouldn't have worried...The next morning...while i shaved...Q came upstairs...told me to drop my pants....and while i stood there with shaving cream on my face...pants around my ankles (i was afraid i was in for a hard...early morning spanking!) Q reached into Her bra...pulled out that tiny little key, that means so much to me....and opened the little lock that ensures my penis remains within it's cage!....Setting the lock on the vanity counter....Q palmed the key and whispered in my ear..."Don't play with it too much while you wash it...I've got plans for it later!"...And indeed She did...Over the course of last weekend...Q granted me three powerful orgasms...The first two by my own hand as demanded by Her...and both She watched and verbally teased first i jerked-off....then licked as instructed....both loads from the floor...first one in the master bath...the other from the deck of the hot-tub!....Then...late Sunday night once we had settled in bed...Q made long, slow, sweet love to my entire body with Her mouth!....Her lips and tongue kissed, licked, nibbled and teased all of those special spots and areas...front and back....culminating in a mind blowing orgasm...shooting my load in Her hot mouth and on Her cheeks and chin while She firmly fondled and milked my balls!....She had swallowed most all of what shot in Her after a deep kiss with lots of tongue...i kissed away...all of the cum that remained on Her beautiful...happy face!







Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Do You Remember Saturday Afternoon?

Do you remember Saturday afternoon babe? When I dolled up all hot and slutty for you? The way your eyes hungered for me as you watched me putting on my makeup? The way your cock was swelling inside it's tiny little cage while I slipped into that sexy, revealing outfit you love to see me in? Do remember the looks I was getting from all those other men as we walked through mall? Staring at my cleavage, my tits pushing against the thin fabric of my top? Staring at me strutting around in those tight pants and ultra high heels that you so love to suck on? I saw you once, looking behind us to see if that group of service men were checking out my ass after we walked past! Do you remember that? It was making me wet knowing what all those guys, and all those men walking with their wives were thinking! And it was making me want to do things to you, knowing that you knew, that I was getting off on being such a hot little show off!

Do you remember how I caught you sneaking glances at those young college girls! (I always do!) Girls dolled up for the same reason I did; to get the guys to stare! I know you remember being bent over in the living room when I got you home! Bent over with your pants around your ankles! And I know you remember the twenty licks from the strap you received for not keeping your focus on me!!! 


But before that, do you remember holding the sacks of the things we had bought, and holding my purse as I browsed around that department store? Ah yes, you were so patient as I took my sweet time looking at everything! And then we came to the housewares dept. We looked at some really nice cookware for you to use in the kitchen. And then I saw the bar stools! The moist need I felt between my legs had my mind racing with all kinds of wicked, nasty things as I led you by the arm towards them. I chose one high backed model to inspect and pulled it out into the aisle for a better look. Do you remember how I had you put all the bags down, and how I whispered in your ear, "Assume the caning position."?

You looked at me, almost pleading with your eyes, but you did as you were told! I stood back and admired the way your cute little butt looked in those jeans. You were leaned over onto that chair with your legs spread (The way I require him to do, so that while I am caning him, I can reach down between his legs to squeeze his balls to emphasize a point!) as if a cop were about to frisk you! Do you remember how I slowly walked around the bar stool twice, as if deciding on whether or not I liked what I saw? You couldn't really see the look we got from a couple shopping several feet away. And by then, I saw the salesman glancing my way. He hadn't seen you in such a vulnerable position yet! But I knew from the way he smiled at me, he would be coming to my assistance soon!

Do you remember how I feigned disappointment with that particular stool, and had you bring out another one of my choosing? This one was about waist high on you, and had no back rest on it. This time I told you to assume the spanking position! I couldn't help laughing out loud at you! Your face was fire red as you bent completely over that stool until your hands grasped the very bottom rung! Do you remember me telling you what a good little boy you were for following your Mama's directions? And it was about this time, that the salesman approached. I watched amused as he nervously roamed my body with his eyes. He was staring at my boobs and was about to ask them if he could help me when he noticed you bent over the bar stool! It was hilarious to watch the play of thoughts passing over his confused face! He began to stammer out what ever it was he had wanted to say to me, and at the sound of his voice you instantly raised up. My eyes never left that poor salesman's face as I simply said one word. "Stay!" And you did! Do you remember that honey? I have you trained so well!

That man's face turned redder than yours at my blatant display of dominance. And I stepped away from you both, and with hands on hips, pretended to really study the usefulness of the stool you were draped across. Do you remember that? That long moment where nobody said a word as I scrutinized you with your backside in the air, and the chair that was holding you up? Do you remember the salesman being too transfixed to even do his job? "I just wanted to see how this model would hold up under rigorous usage." I stated. That must have been so humiliating for you! I hope you enjoyed your shame! I for one was having a helluva time! I was so flush with power, I could have fucked you right there for all to see! I circled around you once more, savoring the moment, before without warning, I soundly slapped your jean covered rear on the side that didn't have your wallet! I hit you harder than I had planned. I know because my hand was stinging like a sonovabitch! Do you remember how loud it sounded in that store? I pretended my hand didn't hurt. And I pretended not to notice all the heads that turned our way as I sweetly told you to get up and gather our things. That salesman watched in awe as you meekly rose and picked up our bags, shouldered my purse, and followed close behind as I proudly walked away from that section of the store.



Monday, January 9, 2012

Too Bad About Sunday Afternoon. But Then Came Sunday Night!

We had company over Sunday afternoon, so we couldn't very well indulge ourselves in our usual, uninhibited Sunday Femdom frolicking! One of k's musician buddies, (very enjoyable to look at I must say) and his gorgeous wife were in town and hung out with us most of the day. We saw no reason for them to get a hotel room that evening so we invited them to stay the night. A few bottles of wine and some Chinese take-out was on the menu and we all ended up in the hot tub, (in our bathing suits damnit!) before turning in last night.

Now the bigger guest bedroom is two doors down from ours, and it wasn't long before we could faintly make out, the unmistakable sounds of some serious screwing coming from down the hall! Thankfully our little boy is a heavy sleeper! But hearing those guys going at it got me hot for some fucking! And I still had k locked up in his chastity cage, and though I was tempted, I'm not ready to release his penis from bondage yet! So I whipped out my big black cock and buckled it on, much to k's surprise! I propped myself up against the headboard of our bed with some pillows, and casually smoked a ciggy while k gave me an excellent blowjob. (I tell you, I'm not really sure I want my husband sucking another man's cock! But if I ever made him do it, some guy would be in for one helluva treat! After three years of being "forced" to fellate  my huge cock, k has learned to run some magnificent head!) Then I had him lay out a couple of towels, (lets face it, butt-fucking your guy can sometimes get a little messy) and lay on his back with his legs spread wide. I talked hot and dirty to him while I lasciviously greased up my thick pole, putting on a good show for the both of us! Then I crawled between his legs, and leaned in to make-out with him a while. I could feel my rubber cock, knocking against the plastic of his cock cage. And then slowly, carefully, I worked the big black head of my cock into his ass. Taking my time last night, to watch his face, and let him wriggle and buck against the big dick penetrating him, I eventually worked more than half of it in before pulling back out most of the way, and then pressing my weight back down to move even deeper inside him.

I made slow sweet love to my man like that for thirty to forty minutes at least. Sharing his surrender in tender moments like this always brings me pleasure on a level much deeper than any orgasm ever can! And k finds it next to impossible to keep his moaning and grunting down when he's being taken anally! Even when I'm not being rough with him! I laughed to myself, that if we could hear our guests earlier, they must be hearing k, and wondering what kind of major shit I was putting on that boy! 

And later, before I raised up off of him, we lay still, our bodies slick with sweat, and me holding him while his shaking slowed, and our breathing returned to normal, we whispered and giggled into each others ears and mouths! He said he missed our regular Sunday of Domination and submission, though it was great seeing his old friend. I told him not to worry too much. I assured him, that the first time the opportunity presented itself, I'd be bending him over for a serious spanking to last him through till next Sunday! That is, as long as he doesn't do something to warrant another between now and then!