For convenience sake...and to preserve our anonymity, in this blog I will refer to my wonderful Wife as in my Queen...and where needed, i will refer to myself as in Her i am sworn to serve Her every need and command. And it is by Her strict guidance that i am able to attempt to please my Queen! i hope i am not repeating someone else's moniker for each other...since no idea is 100% original...if i have please be assured it was by accident...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Do You Remember Saturday Afternoon?

Do you remember Saturday afternoon babe? When I dolled up all hot and slutty for you? The way your eyes hungered for me as you watched me putting on my makeup? The way your cock was swelling inside it's tiny little cage while I slipped into that sexy, revealing outfit you love to see me in? Do remember the looks I was getting from all those other men as we walked through mall? Staring at my cleavage, my tits pushing against the thin fabric of my top? Staring at me strutting around in those tight pants and ultra high heels that you so love to suck on? I saw you once, looking behind us to see if that group of service men were checking out my ass after we walked past! Do you remember that? It was making me wet knowing what all those guys, and all those men walking with their wives were thinking! And it was making me want to do things to you, knowing that you knew, that I was getting off on being such a hot little show off!

Do you remember how I caught you sneaking glances at those young college girls! (I always do!) Girls dolled up for the same reason I did; to get the guys to stare! I know you remember being bent over in the living room when I got you home! Bent over with your pants around your ankles! And I know you remember the twenty licks from the strap you received for not keeping your focus on me!!! 


But before that, do you remember holding the sacks of the things we had bought, and holding my purse as I browsed around that department store? Ah yes, you were so patient as I took my sweet time looking at everything! And then we came to the housewares dept. We looked at some really nice cookware for you to use in the kitchen. And then I saw the bar stools! The moist need I felt between my legs had my mind racing with all kinds of wicked, nasty things as I led you by the arm towards them. I chose one high backed model to inspect and pulled it out into the aisle for a better look. Do you remember how I had you put all the bags down, and how I whispered in your ear, "Assume the caning position."?

You looked at me, almost pleading with your eyes, but you did as you were told! I stood back and admired the way your cute little butt looked in those jeans. You were leaned over onto that chair with your legs spread (The way I require him to do, so that while I am caning him, I can reach down between his legs to squeeze his balls to emphasize a point!) as if a cop were about to frisk you! Do you remember how I slowly walked around the bar stool twice, as if deciding on whether or not I liked what I saw? You couldn't really see the look we got from a couple shopping several feet away. And by then, I saw the salesman glancing my way. He hadn't seen you in such a vulnerable position yet! But I knew from the way he smiled at me, he would be coming to my assistance soon!

Do you remember how I feigned disappointment with that particular stool, and had you bring out another one of my choosing? This one was about waist high on you, and had no back rest on it. This time I told you to assume the spanking position! I couldn't help laughing out loud at you! Your face was fire red as you bent completely over that stool until your hands grasped the very bottom rung! Do you remember me telling you what a good little boy you were for following your Mama's directions? And it was about this time, that the salesman approached. I watched amused as he nervously roamed my body with his eyes. He was staring at my boobs and was about to ask them if he could help me when he noticed you bent over the bar stool! It was hilarious to watch the play of thoughts passing over his confused face! He began to stammer out what ever it was he had wanted to say to me, and at the sound of his voice you instantly raised up. My eyes never left that poor salesman's face as I simply said one word. "Stay!" And you did! Do you remember that honey? I have you trained so well!

That man's face turned redder than yours at my blatant display of dominance. And I stepped away from you both, and with hands on hips, pretended to really study the usefulness of the stool you were draped across. Do you remember that? That long moment where nobody said a word as I scrutinized you with your backside in the air, and the chair that was holding you up? Do you remember the salesman being too transfixed to even do his job? "I just wanted to see how this model would hold up under rigorous usage." I stated. That must have been so humiliating for you! I hope you enjoyed your shame! I for one was having a helluva time! I was so flush with power, I could have fucked you right there for all to see! I circled around you once more, savoring the moment, before without warning, I soundly slapped your jean covered rear on the side that didn't have your wallet! I hit you harder than I had planned. I know because my hand was stinging like a sonovabitch! Do you remember how loud it sounded in that store? I pretended my hand didn't hurt. And I pretended not to notice all the heads that turned our way as I sweetly told you to get up and gather our things. That salesman watched in awe as you meekly rose and picked up our bags, shouldered my purse, and followed close behind as I proudly walked away from that section of the store.




Locked Husband said...

Wow, what a woman!

k said...

Oh yes baby...i remember...MAN do i remember!...And i sure remember the spanking You gave me last night when You got home!....OUCH!!!...After the strapping i got Saturday afternoon...i thought you were kidding yesterday morning when You said i'd be going over Your knee later...Damn, You weren't kidding around at all!

Robert_Anthony said...

Flippin Eck!!!

k said...

Robert - "Eck"?...must be lost in translation!...i'm not sure if that's good or bad! :)

Robert_Anthony said...

Sorry, yes umm.... consider it an explanation of great surprise!

Robert_Anthony said...

Or even an 'exclamation' of great surprise, hahaha.

Anonymous said...

I simply love your blog! I think some of the stuff on my blog might be right up your alley.

k said...

Just visited Your blog...great stuff!...Is that You...the blonde in the glasses...smoking the cigar?...Very hot...very severe! Wife smokes...and sometimes She'll really put on a slutty show of smoking as a tease for me!...Sometimes She'll enjoy one of my cigars and a drink as well!...And...She has been known to take a couple of my cigars as a gift for one of Her lovers!...How humiliating!...Ya just gotta love Q!!!

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