For convenience sake...and to preserve our anonymity, in this blog I will refer to my wonderful Wife as in my Queen...and where needed, i will refer to myself as in Her i am sworn to serve Her every need and command. And it is by Her strict guidance that i am able to attempt to please my Queen! i hope i am not repeating someone else's moniker for each other...since no idea is 100% original...if i have please be assured it was by accident...

Monday, January 9, 2012

Too Bad About Sunday Afternoon. But Then Came Sunday Night!

We had company over Sunday afternoon, so we couldn't very well indulge ourselves in our usual, uninhibited Sunday Femdom frolicking! One of k's musician buddies, (very enjoyable to look at I must say) and his gorgeous wife were in town and hung out with us most of the day. We saw no reason for them to get a hotel room that evening so we invited them to stay the night. A few bottles of wine and some Chinese take-out was on the menu and we all ended up in the hot tub, (in our bathing suits damnit!) before turning in last night.

Now the bigger guest bedroom is two doors down from ours, and it wasn't long before we could faintly make out, the unmistakable sounds of some serious screwing coming from down the hall! Thankfully our little boy is a heavy sleeper! But hearing those guys going at it got me hot for some fucking! And I still had k locked up in his chastity cage, and though I was tempted, I'm not ready to release his penis from bondage yet! So I whipped out my big black cock and buckled it on, much to k's surprise! I propped myself up against the headboard of our bed with some pillows, and casually smoked a ciggy while k gave me an excellent blowjob. (I tell you, I'm not really sure I want my husband sucking another man's cock! But if I ever made him do it, some guy would be in for one helluva treat! After three years of being "forced" to fellate  my huge cock, k has learned to run some magnificent head!) Then I had him lay out a couple of towels, (lets face it, butt-fucking your guy can sometimes get a little messy) and lay on his back with his legs spread wide. I talked hot and dirty to him while I lasciviously greased up my thick pole, putting on a good show for the both of us! Then I crawled between his legs, and leaned in to make-out with him a while. I could feel my rubber cock, knocking against the plastic of his cock cage. And then slowly, carefully, I worked the big black head of my cock into his ass. Taking my time last night, to watch his face, and let him wriggle and buck against the big dick penetrating him, I eventually worked more than half of it in before pulling back out most of the way, and then pressing my weight back down to move even deeper inside him.

I made slow sweet love to my man like that for thirty to forty minutes at least. Sharing his surrender in tender moments like this always brings me pleasure on a level much deeper than any orgasm ever can! And k finds it next to impossible to keep his moaning and grunting down when he's being taken anally! Even when I'm not being rough with him! I laughed to myself, that if we could hear our guests earlier, they must be hearing k, and wondering what kind of major shit I was putting on that boy! 

And later, before I raised up off of him, we lay still, our bodies slick with sweat, and me holding him while his shaking slowed, and our breathing returned to normal, we whispered and giggled into each others ears and mouths! He said he missed our regular Sunday of Domination and submission, though it was great seeing his old friend. I told him not to worry too much. I assured him, that the first time the opportunity presented itself, I'd be bending him over for a serious spanking to last him through till next Sunday! That is, as long as he doesn't do something to warrant another between now and then!





k said...

Yes baby, Sunday nite was beautiful and intense...and i too wonder what G and his Wife must have heard and thought! Maybe it got them ready to go round a second time!

lovetosubmit said...

ok, that was just HOT!!! Thanks for posting :)

Robert_Anthony said...

30-40 minutes of it! Christ on a bike!

k said...

Slow and easy Robert...remember...slow and easy!

Q said...

You know Robert, in hindsight, thirty minutes does sound like a long time. I wasn't exactly watching the clock mind you. But I was inside him for quite some time! Maybe I should be a little more careful when estimating statistics! lol!!!

But indeed, I did fuck k deep and slow until we were both very sweaty! Wow, just writing this makes me ready to do it again! Too bad I'm at the office!!! lol!!!

Anonymous said...

Jesus! Now I really feel down. I begged off the other night when CH wanted to peg me, because my guts were unsettled. If I'd read this, Q, before that, I'd have said to hell with it and asked her to take me anyway.

One thing I'm curious about from k's point of view... Is it better when locked? I've always been released from my cage before getting my ass stuffed with her cock.

k said...

Oh Harry i would much rather be unlocked!...that way at least Q might amuse Herself by playing with my penis while fucking me (i'm never hard once Her fingers...or cock are up there...i just don't keep an erection...but i can still cum!) Or usually She'll let me jerk off (play with my clit)...But your question was is it better?...I'm not sure i can pinpoint better or's all damn good!...i definitely feel owned...controlled and dominated a little more when locked away...But the very act of bending over...or opening my legs for my Wife to fuck me in the ass with a cock twice the size of a very humbling, and submissive act of surrender no matter what's going on with my penis!

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