For convenience sake...and to preserve our anonymity, in this blog I will refer to my wonderful Wife as in my Queen...and where needed, i will refer to myself as in Her i am sworn to serve Her every need and command. And it is by Her strict guidance that i am able to attempt to please my Queen! i hope i am not repeating someone else's moniker for each other...since no idea is 100% original...if i have please be assured it was by accident...

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Q phoned me from Her office this morning..."Hey honey!....How's your day goin?....Uh-huh...yeah...good...ok...Well...the reason I called...was to give you a heads up!...See...I'm really in that mood today know....the one where your ass is in really good trouble?" (i began to get that sinking feeling in my gut, but a steady rise in my jeans!) ''Sooooo....fair warning....tonight your going to find yourself bent over and tied down good and tight!....Because...the way I'm feeling right now...I'm going to spank your bottom till you won't sit down for a week!" (She said this while giggling like a school girl!)

Before i could stop myself...the words were already flying out of my mouth...."But what did i do?....i'm sorry!....Why are you mad baby?"

The reason i went there so because this past weekend...i received not one, but two punishment spankings....And i readily admit that i deserved them both!....Saturday morning found me over Q's penis hard and throbbing against Her bare thighs....despite the fact that She was really pissed because of a substantial amount of money i unwisely chose to spend without consulting  Her first!....But my erection shriveled away quite quickly once Q switched from spanking me with Her viciously beating my bare bottom with Her wooden hairbrush!...She even stopped during my lock my kicking legs with one of Her' as to keep me from thrashing off Her lap! And despite this...all was forgiven after my punishment...and that night...we even made passionate, sweaty-hot love to each other! (With Q always on top of course!) our regular readers may our day to really let loose with the femdom "play"....And that day...Q had some plans for me that i wasn't particularly in the mood for...actually...i didn't want the day to go the route She had chosen at all...and my big mistake was momentarily forgetting that what the Queen says and wants is law!...And after literally whining and stomping my foot about it...Q wasted no time in restraining me over the spanking stool...and administering a blazing ass burner with "The Board Of Education" (Her name for the long paddle that is a replica of the ones teachers at school, use to be allowed to use on the backsides of those kids who needed correcting!)...followed by Her dreaded leather strap that did leave me with tears streaming down my cheeks...(that hasn't happened in quite awhile...still not sure if i was crying from the intense pain...or my guilty shame of defying my Wife's will)....And in the end (no pun intended)....Q still put me through some quite humiliating and painful paces....All to Her satisfaction and pleasure!....And isn't that what submitting to a Dominant Woman is all about? Her wishes....Her will....Her pleasure!...Then why did this a kid who can't learn his lesson...did i have to question Her motives again?

"But what did i do?.....i'm sorry babe!....Please!....Why are you mad?".....There was silence coming through the phone as loud as any yelling or scolding you may have ever heard....and i knew...that once again....i should have just trusted my Queen and meekly accepted Her will....

Q quietly, and sweetly responded...."It seems that not only will I be giving you the beating that I'm horny for....But I'll have to make sure I redouble My efforts of impressing upon you the fact, that I don't have to have a reason to blister your bottom!....Sweety!....The simple fact that I want to tie you down and spank you till My pussy aches to be all the reason I require!....Honey!....And tonight, after I've completely satisfied My need to hurt you....And after addressing your questionable attitude....I'll be having a few orgasms at your expense as well!....Baby!....So you think about that all day....And think about the fact that while Momma's at work....She's got one hand between Her legs just dying to see your hot little ass up in the air!....Darling!"....And then She hung up!

I know of course...that She will be using Her cane on me tonight....and that not only will i be restrained as She stated (That always means a spanking even longer and harder than usual....And Q's spankings are always...always deliberately hard!)....but i will be gagged in some fashion....due to the fact that our young son will be sleeping just down the hall....

Despite my penis confessed my i was hard as a rock...and i could feel a little wet spot in my underwear....i had the idea to come blog about this to you....and just as i got started....Q called me again...." almost made Me forget...." my Wife then made it clear....that She expected me to make sure my genitals were shaved smooth the way She likes them...and that i was to go ahead and lock my penis away in the CB6000s right away!....Now, Q usually has me put the chastity device on myself because it's much easier that way....But She reserves the actual snapping on of the tiny lock for Her own enjoyment...and the symbolic impact that act of  Her ultimate control over my body has upon me!  


Hell....i don't even know where She hides the lock and key!...But She simply told me to look in Her nightstand drawer...."Silly boy!" She said....And when i did....inside....right next to a small bottle of lube....there sat the tiny key....resting on a neatly folded pair of my silky panties that She had bought for me some time back....And right on the front of my panties....where my caged penis would go....was an impression of Q's luscious lips...left there in slutty, dark red lipstick!...In other Wife had planned ahead of time...not only to tear my backside up....but to lock my manhood away....and place me in panties to further my submission as well!...So the orgasms that She will be getting at my expense tonight....certainly will not be involving anything to do with penetration from me!...And to top that off....i had to go and earn myself another harsh lesson from Q to boot!

So here i sit....after making sure my already shaved penis and balls were absolutely stubble free (while in the bathroom...i noticed that my bottom still faintly bore a few light purple blotches from Q's weekend attentions!)....and locking myself in chastity....and donning the panties Q laid out for me...i can feel myself trying to get hard inside my plastic cage as i write this....i keep having to painfully adjust the CB6000s through the front of my jeans...and knowing whats in store for me tonight...well...only someone who has asked his Wife in the past to spank him....and having been granted that which he was none too careful to wish for....knows the thrill, distraction,...and sexual obsession of the mind that an impending bare bottom blistering can bring....And only i being bent over by Q....and enduring Her unflinching delivery of discipline...whether for punishment...or pleasure....only i know how sobering that can be!





Q said...

I have made myself so damn horny, thinking about what I'm going to do to you tonight, that I was tempted to take off work early, and drop by a boyfriend's apartment for a quickie before coming home! But I decided against it. Because I didn't want anything taking the edge off before I get a hold of you my dear!

Though I will be in need of a good fucking soon! And with your pee pee locked away, I won't be getting any dick tonight! But who knows about this weekend? You never can tell what this girl will do!

In the mean time my husband, I can't wait for our son to fall asleep! Ready or not, I'll be home in a couple of hours!

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Sissy and His Wife said...

Nice punishment bench.

Anonymous said...

My wife had me make a spanking bench although she does not always put me over it! When she does I naturally feel helpless and captive for her to spank cane or strap me for a sound punishment session! My penis starts off being very upright but faulters as the pain builds up in my buttocks and thighs! She likes to have me over her knees when she finishes ,to play with my sore red ridged bum! She does like to threaten me with further strokes as she inserts her fingers into my deep botttom cleft!Sometimes she spanks but does not often cane me again ! Then it is make up comforting time ! KM