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Monday, February 6, 2012

Strict Julie Spanks! And I For One Am Glad

"A Dominant has a very important, substantial role: she is the protector, teacher, and lover to the submissive."
"(And) I would add the traditional Catholic "mommy" and "whore" to the list. Ha Ha!"

The above quote is from a Blog k and I have been greatly enjoying called "Strict Julie Spanks". And I for one am glad she chooses to share about the firm hand she takes with her husband david! I find it real, and honest. Much like the relationship between k and i to some degree. The quotes posted above (and a few others) really hit the nail on the head for me! The first one is from a book Julie is posting about called "You Would If You Loved Him" by Jacqueline Omerta. The second one is Julie's own words. And I love them both!!!

Julie's post is a sort of mini book review, touching on points that appeal to her, and her relationship with her husband. She is also recommending this book to women not quite sure about their husbands kinks! I love the way Julie and I see eye to eye about doing these things to bring pleasure to our men. Yes I am dominant! And yes, my wants, needs, wishes, and pleasure ultimately come first and foremost! But a large part of my pleasure, happens to be keeping my submissive husband happy as well! This type of attitude, I know, flies in the face of many a dominant woman's philosophy on how to treat a male sub. But k is my husband! I amuse myself as I please! And I take great enjoyment from seeing that k is not only disciplined, but sexually satisfied as well thank you very much. And it just so happens, that catering to many of his little fantasies not only turns me on and gets him off, but it also conveniently works in my favor, by helping to establish my dominance, my control, to all areas of our life!

I recommend you (ladies as well as the naughty boys!) visit Strict Julie and read this post in particular. You can get there by clicking (HERE) . I'm sure you all will want to explore her site further! There are some very hot accounts of bare bottom blistering to be enjoyed! And once again, I thank Julie for sharing!

I'd like to leave the ladies reading this (especially those who might be on the fence about dominating their man) with one more quote Julie took from Jacqueline's book!

"Some women feel a sense of power with a strap-on protruding from their pelvis... Now you get to do the fucking. Wield your complete and total power and have him suck your strap-on before you use it on him... Ever wonder what it feels like to be a man? Now is your chance to experience intercourse as the one who inserts. You can make him really feel like a woman by fucking him in the ass."






juliesp said...

Thank you, Q! I'm glad you liked my post. I love the photos you found to illustrate the ideas. I especialy enjoy making my boy "really feel like a woman!"

Q said...

Hey Julie! Sorry it took me so long to respond!

I know the feeling! Making my man moan and whimper in a little bit of pain and a whole lot of pleasure while giving him a good butt-fucking is so satisfying to me mentally and physically! I know he loves the surrender! He loves my big dick in his ass (well, when he wants it! Sometimes I'm in the mood to take him and he's not. Too fucking bad!)

And thanks for the comment about the photos! k and I have always enjoyed viewing porn together. Even long before I became head of the household! Many dominant women prohibit their sub males from viewing porn all together! Not me! Most of the images k calls "Q-twins", that I use as a header to my posts, k searched out and found for me! Such a devoted man!!! And since he is strictly forbidden to play with his dick without my permission, he wants to torment himself by looking at those hot babes and naked guys, I say have at it! I gave him permission to start these blogs as another outlet for his creativity. And adding hot images to illustrate our lives is a part of!

Plus, you haven't lived until you're the one enjoying the porn, and he's the one kneeling beside you! Holding your ashtray or drink. Or simply with his nose to your feet while you look at all that fine erotica! Try it sometime Julie! So frustrating for him. All the more fun for us!

Vanessa Chaland said...

Thanks for providing this link. Her blog is wonderful as is yours. :)

Pyar Ki Kahaniya said...

Spicy, Interesting and Real Love story Shared by You. Thank You For Sharing.
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