For convenience sake...and to preserve our anonymity, in this blog I will refer to my wonderful Wife as in my Queen...and where needed, i will refer to myself as in Her i am sworn to serve Her every need and command. And it is by Her strict guidance that i am able to attempt to please my Queen! i hope i am not repeating someone else's moniker for each other...since no idea is 100% original...if i have please be assured it was by accident...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

In About An Hour

In less than an hour, my mother will be here to pick up our son as she usually does every Sunday. This almost always signals the beginning of a day of unbridled femdom play for k and I. And I was almost tempted to cancel today's fun, in lieu of something k said in his latest post recounting his experience last week, with me returning home from a night out with my boyfriend Dominick. You see, even though I became extremely wet and horny from reading k's account of that early morning fun we had, k made the grave mistake of referring to my sweet little pussy, his Queen's vagina, the part of my body that holds such sway and fascination over him, he referred to that part of my body that he begs to worship as a "cunt"!

Now mind you, I am not a prude by any stretch of your imagination! And I have no problem with, in the heat of a passionate fuck, for name calling, nasty talking, sweaty-ass exclamations of perverted lingo being shouted out by either partner! Including calling me or my pussy a cunt! But for a submissive man, MY submissive man, My husband, to call MY pussy a "cunt", is not only disrespectful and inappropriate, but also unacceptable and I will not tolerate it!

So, I was going to cancel today's activities after some severe disciplinary action. But after a day to think about it, I wondered, why deprive myself of a day of fun and sexual pleasure as a means of punishing him? Really! Why? And on that note, I will still dress up (maybe even more threatening than usual) in my Dominatrix attire, and be a lot more creative with just how far I will take k's punishment! I am determined to see that he'll never make the same serious lack of respect towards me and my body again! And at the same time, being the horny little bitch that I am, I will savor every bit of pleasure I  receive from his discomfort today, as I force him to pay penance for his sins. And from all the delicious things that I will indulge myself in through out the course of the day!

Don't worry, one of us will let you know how our Sunday goes!




Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read about it :)

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